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How Meditation Destination Will Help You Increase Your Peace

When You Meditate, Your Life Becomes Better.
How would your life improve if you were calmer and more peaceful? I know from my personal experience that meditation can help make your life better!

My name is Cheri Bennett and I’m the Founder of Meditation Destination. Do you want to hear about my meditation journey? It’s probably not what you would expect. If you ever feel rushed and stressed out you will want to listen to this!


Meditation Destination Can Help You.
I have taken what I’ve learned from my many years of meditation experience and build Meditation Destination so that you won’t face
the same problems I had when I first started meditating.

Your Life Is Busy. Meditation Can Be Quick.
You do not have to spend hours in meditation for it to be effective. Meditation Destination focuses on short meditations. Most of the meditations are under 10 minutes. And if you ever have a really crazy week when you don’t get to the meditation, that’s okay. Start back in when you can – you will never be behind!

Here’s What Experts Have To Say About The Effect Of Meditation:“A Simple Fast Way To Reduce Stress” ~ Mayo Clinic

“Decreased The Negative Effects Of Stress, Mild Depression And Anxiety” ~ Psychology Today

“Measurable Changes associated With Memory, Sense of Self, Empathy and Stress” ~ The New York Times

“Even A Few Minutes In Meditation Can Restore Your Calm and Inner Peace” ~ Mayo Clinic

It’s Easy To Meditate.
The ‘Before You Meditate’ checklist along with the guided meditations will show you how to meditate step-by-step. You will have no doubt that you are doing it right!

There Are Many Different Ways To Meditate.
I believe there are many different ways to meditate, and what is right for you is what works for you. Once you learn how to meditate, it’s fun to explore different kinds of meditation. Listen to your intuition!

Meditation Is Not A Religion.
People of all religions meditate. This is a community where everyone is respected and supported. If you are interested in challenging others religious beliefs, this is not the community for you. This is a community that is safe.

Please Join Us Inside Meditation Destination
Meditation is similar to life. It is a journey. Mastery is a daily practice. Sometimes we are the teacher and other times we are the student. Always we are friends.


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